AJ DePre

There’s a construct society minted,

you’ve heard of it before,

but little did you realize,

it was only invented.

We call it expectation,

& place it on everyone.

It traps your mind,

ensnares the senses,

drops your guard,

& lowers your defenses,

Until you’re stuck forever,

living with the shame,

Unable to overcome,

Being a pawn in their game.

It drives you insane.


That unfulfilled promise,

leaves a void,

begging to be filled.

Some believe

the only way to heal,

Is to simply not feel.

Owning the saddness

would make it more real.

What no one else will tell you,

is expectations are made up.

they hold little value,

but they keep coming.

They eat away at your soul,

until your bones are bare.




All the non-men tell,

Of them with deep pockets,

To spread oppression &

restrict expression,

with their audacity.

Deeper than a well,

Keeping the women folx down.

They walk among us,

With impunity,

In the dark,

In the day,

With their higher salaries,

Their uncontrollable urges,

They can’t seem

to keep at bay.

All these boys,

So bold,

Living lives full of emotion,

plagued with repression,

telling stories,

shifting blame,

starting wars;

& they say a woman can’t be President



AJ DePre

AJ DePre

I am a professional campaign staffer with 6 cycles of campaign experience. I just recently helped flip Wisconsin blue and win the presidency.